Taking Care of Your Lingerie

Lingerie is certainly precious goods. Why any lady can tell you that the sheer cost of lingerie accumulated over the years is enough to convert to a small fortune. That being said, small fortune or not, lingerie can be one of the first things in your closet to lose value. Sure, once you wear it no one else can, which reduces the likelihood of you selling it and cashing it out for a better model. No, the longevity and value I describe today is simply its shelf life.

Shelf life is extremely important for most goods, but especially clothes, when you consider the average cost of a lingerie set; $154 then the importance hikes up even more. However, most of us start to notice creasing and drawn out wires after only a few washes. It is frustrating but one of the things most of us just chalk up to the way it is concept when our minds wander to it while Lingerie Shopping.

What if I told you, a good set of lingerie is supposed to have a shelf life of about 1 to 2 years. That’s perfect lining and hold for 12 to 24 months, sounds crazy right? Well, truth is and not to be the bearer of bad news, most of us do not take the utmost care of our lingerie. Even those of us that section and fold it separately. So, what are we doing wrong? Here are four common mistakes.

Machine wash. Sure, it says machine wash safe, but there is an invisible font in the bracket below that states; at the risk of shelf life. Lingerie, and especially expensive lingerie-due to the softness of fabric- requires the gentles care, this means hand wash, by soaking. If you must machine wash, use a lingerie bag.

Using too much detergent. We are all guilty of this. it is the simple equation of more detergent means a cleaner, right? wrong. More detergent means more soaking in erosive chemicals that reduce the quality and look of your lingerie. Regardless of what the ad says, less is always more in detergent.

Dry Machine. This one is sort of a hell hole feeling. Mostly because no lingerie is dryer safe. In fact, it is a fire hazard. But since many of us live in metropolitan areas hanging our lingerie out to dry is both times consuming and not even really an option. Sorry lingerie bags don’t work for dryers.

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Airing it wrongly. For those of us who may have felt the joy of knowing we never machine dry our lingerie, the issue may come from how we air dry it. the best way is to make sure your lingerie is drying in a well-aerated room. If not, it is simply getting moldy and will have that “inexplicable stink”.

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